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The British Council’s Architecture, Design and Fashion team has set up a fund for international biennales and festivals to support participation by UK-based designers and to support UK biennales and festivals to present work by international designers.

This online application form contains 4 sections: 

  1. General information
  2. Project description 
  3. Budget
  4. Supporting documentation, checklist and declaration



Biennales and festivals outside the UK wishing to showcase work by UK-based designers, or UK biennales and festivals wanting to showcase work by international designers are eligible to apply.

Grants are designed to facilitate the implementation of activities, such as collaborations and exchanges, or exhibitions and installations. The grant can be used to support travel costs, production costs, as well as other miscellaneous costs associated with the showcasing of work.

Grants are not designed for research and development.

Due to the nature of the funding, in the Financial Year 2024-25 priority will be given to:

  • Activities that either take place in Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries (for biennales and festivals outside the UK) or with designers based in those countries (for UK biennales and festivals). Nevertheless, there will still be a limited number of grants available to support collaboration outside this group of countries.
  • Projects involving designers in the early stages of their career, i.e. within 10 years of practice.
  • Projects that foster collaboration between UK-based and international designers.


Terms of the grant

Grants will be offered by the British Council’s Architecture, Design and Fashion team to the biennale/festival organiser to cover costs concerning the participation of architects and/or designers. The value of each grant should be up to £5,000. An estimated total of 8-10 grants will be offered in the Financial Year 2024-25.

The British Council’s support must be acknowledged alongside the UK presentation and on all promotional materials, including social media.

Upon completion of the activity, applicants will be required to supply attendance figures and a project report. A grant agreement will be issued with detailed terms and conditions.


Application process

Biennale or festival organisers to supply information on designers selected to present work, funding expenditure and plans for audience engagement. Activity must take place between September 2024 and August 2025.

Applications must be sent via the Submittable online application form by 23:59 BST, Sunday 23 June 2024 and should include:

  • This completed application form.
  • Supporting documentation on the activity and biennale/festival, e.g. reports or presentations about the biennale/festival.
  • Examples of designers' work.
  • Letter of support by participating designer.
  • Completed diversity monitoring form (for UK applicants only).

Selection will be led by the British Council’s Architecture, Design and Fashion team in consultation with British Council offices and external panel. Applicants will be notified of the outcomes by 16 July 2024. 

For any queries or expression of interest, please contact: Az Chinaliev, Relationship Manager in Architecture, Design and Fashion at az.chinaliev@britishcouncil.org

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.