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You are now applying for 2019 Round 3 "UK-Taiwan Connections through Culture Grants" 

** The person who fills in this online application form should be the person who will make a trip to visit counterparts in Taiwan or the UK **

Please review the Notes for Applicants before proceeding with the application, especially for those who did not arrive at this page from the official British Council Taiwan webpage. Applications are to be completed in English. 

Contact TW_Arts@britishcouncil.org.tw for specific enquiries.  

By submitting this application form, you agree to the following:

1. The information in this application is true and correct.

2. We will use this application form and the other information you give us, including any personal information, for the following purposes:

  • To decide whether to give you a grant.
  • To provide copies to other individuals or organisations who are helping us award and monitor grants. After we reach a decision, we may also tell them the outcome of your application and, if appropriate, why we did not offer you a grant.
  • To hold in our database and use for statistical purposes.
  • If we offer you a grant, we will publish information about you relating to the activity we have funded, including the amount of the grant and the activity it was for. This information may appear in our press releases, in our print and online publications and any partner organisations who have funded the activity with us.
  • If we offer you a grant, you will support our work to build a lasting cultural relationship between Taiwan and the UK, contributing (when asked) to important publicity activities during the period we provide funding for. You will also give us, when asked, case studies, images and audio-visual materials that we can use to celebrate artistic excellence.

3. If we offer you a grant, you agree to fill in pre-visit questionnaire and share feedback after your trip.

4. If we offer you a grant, you will be responsible to deal your in-country tax if required according to local tax laws.

5. You agree that we can keep you informed of our work and pass your contact details to organisers of arts marketing activities, conferences and training events.

6. You have read and understood the Freedom of Information Act section of the application form. You accept how we generally plan to treat your application and other related information if someone asks to see it under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 

7. We apply the UK Data Protection Act (incorporating the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) to all our global operations unless the local equivalent law is stronger. Please review our Data Protection Terms here.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.